About Us

About Us

Psycadellic Connect is one of California’s premiere online collectives that provide shipping to your door, virtually anywhere in California!  No need to head all the way down to the dispensary to pay for overpriced top shelf.  This forward-thinking concept provides patients with a convenient & extremely discreet way to get their medication conveniently.

Our collection of products boasts some of the highest quality in the industry, from top shelf flower, to tasty edibles, vapes, oils, CBD products and many more.  Our customer service is personal and we care for all of our patients in our community.  Our Budz loyalty program rewards our patients with great discounts by earning points from purchases to sharing about us on social media.

Overnight Kush can virtually ship anywhere in California, with the exception of extremely remote areas, but even in some remote and rural areas, we have seen success(some possible delays).

We believe in safe, discreet, and affordable access to medical marijuana for all of the patients in our collective.

The historic legalization of recreational marijuana in the United States continues at a fast clip, including in Oregon. With a new sense of openness about the industry comes a lot of questions about what recreational dispensaries are and what they can provide.

Anyone over the age of 21 who’s curious about cannabis can visit Diamond TREE. Our shops are open to all experience levels, whether they’re new or veteran marijuana users. We cater to all legal users across all spectrum of knowledge, from “a lot” or “a little” to “absolutely nothing.”


Fast and discreet shipping. The product itself was very fresh and exceeded my expectations. I really like that you can purchase individual grams as this made it possible for me to try a bunch of different strains without breaking the bank. Lastly the customer service was super nice to boot! I look forward to ordering again


Awesome…. ordered more , what Else is there to say ?
Its sticky -gummy , yet not wet , although it chews up nicely in grinder, fluffs up nice ready to smoke So i was a lil edgy about my order One email and i got straiten out and found that order was on its way , actually I received my order the next day (emails from wcs were going to spam account)So yeah All in all Very happy i found Psycadellic Connect..


Awesome I’ve been searching for a good online shop since November and I finally found the best one!! “Psycadellic Connect” has a great variety and the greatest prices with Great Service!! Free gram and great experience. Will keep coming back for the best deals online.