Afghan Haze Strain


Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 15% – 21%

Afghan Haze is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the infamous Afghan X Haze strains. Although the exact ratio of indica to sativa varies greatly depending on the habits of the breeder, the THC level is consistently measured at being between 15-21% on average. Afghan Haze flawlessly fuses the effects of both of its parent strains, pulling the best of both indica and sativa effects. The high
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Afghan Haze Strain is nearly a perfect hybrid, with a slight lean towards being sativa-dominant. This strain derives from the Afghan and Haze strains, thus the name. This is definitely a favorite among more seasoned smokers, as it can be quite potent. Typically, Afghan Haze strain contains about 21% THC, so expect it to pack a bit of a bunch when smoking.

This strain definitely isn’t for the discreet smoker, as the aroma can be pretty potent. Typically, the aroma from this bud is earthy and woody with a hint of pine. The flavor also tends to have earthy tones, but with a bit of sweetness thrown in for good measure. Overall, the experience of smoking this cannabis is quite relaxing and enjoyable. Perfect for kicking back and relaxing with.

You can recognize Afghan Haze buds visually by their dark green nugs with pops of bright orange and red. Frosty bronze trichomes also give this bud a sticky texture when breaking it down.

What Are the Effects?

The experience of smoking Afghan Haze strain is very relaxing and the effects you get from the high tend to be very similar. Despite the fact that this hybrid sometimes leans more towards the sativa side, users report that their body feels very loose and relaxed after enjoying some of this bud. In fact, some users tend to feel so relaxed by this strain that they sometimes get a little sleepy from the high.

That’s not to say that the sativa effects are non-existent though. In exchange for the sativa energy boost, you’re more likely to get the euphoric, focused, clear-headedness that sometimes comes with an effective sativa. The combination of these factors means Afghan Haze typically offers a fairly carefree high where your worries just melt away for a time.

Due to the potency, the high tends to come on pretty strong, with users usually getting hit with the uplifting sativa effects initially. You’ll notice your head clearing, your worries dissipating, and your focus sharpening. Soon the intensity will mellow out a little bit and you’ll feel the body high ease your tension and relax your muscles. Afghan Haze has even been known to give users a case of the giggles, and sometimes the munchies. This combined with the sense of peace that this strain instills in users make it a favorite among many smokers.

We recommend smoking this particular strain in the evening. The potential drowsiness that some users report might not suit those who need energy throughout the day. It’s good to test this strain when you don’t have much else to do, so you can see how it affects you individually. The sativa side might hit harder than you expect.

Overall, Afghan Haze strain is a good choice for people who want to be engaged with the activity they’re doing, but the activity doesn’t require too much physical energy. Watching movies and TV, playing video games, socializing with friends, or settling in with a good book after a long day are all great uses for this cannabis.

Experienced Benefits

Of course, Afghan Haze strain also comes with a bevy of awesome medical benefits. In fact, Afghan Haze is renowned for the medicinal benefits and the absolute relaxation that it offers to both the mind and body. The fact that it offers total body relaxation makes it great for inflammation and pain, while the clear-headed mindset it offers makes it perfect for those struggling with their mental health.

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