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                                      Atomic Strain

Atomic Strain is combination of an original Chem Dawg clone, Emerald OG Kush and THC Bomb, Atomic is a knockout strain that can be brutal on the novice toker. Atomic is an indica-sativa, lemon and fuel smelling, deeply Kush flavored strain. Not shy to show you what it’s all about, a rapid onset headrush that gives way to a deep and lasting euphoria awaits those who are brave enough to use her. This effect is further accompanied by a full body stone, making her a great end of day choice, or for those more medicinally inclined.

Atomic is well adapted to indoor growing, with resin and crystals piling on top of each other for the 8-9 week blooming period. Tip gently early on to be ready for the super flower stretch. Outdoors 200cm plants are ready late September to early October. THC can be an outrageous

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