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Blue Knight Strain has a smooth, sweet blueberry and vanilla flavor with refreshing hints of pine, wood, and earth. Users say it tastes a bit like blueberry muffins on the exhale, with a dash of black tea.


Blue Knight weed produces large flowers that contain incredible blue, purple, and dark green hues. Its buds sport a conical shape with tapered ends. This strain has a generous coating of trichomes that make the plant very sticky to the touch.

Blue Knight’s vibrant purples, greens, and blues are due to anthocyanins formed during growth. Anthocyanins are pigment molecules that are stimulated by exposure to cool temperatures during growth.

Blue Knight Strain Grow Info

While the Blue Knight strain is a cannabis connoisseur’s dream, unfortunately, feminized seeds can be a nightmare to find. Fortunately, another option is to grow a clone, using clippings from a mature female Blue Knight plant.

The good news is that experienced Blue Knight growers rate this strain’s growth difficulty as easy. One reason for this is that these plants are resistant to common molds and mildew

You can grow Blue Knight plants both indoors and outside. Indoors, Blue Knight plants have a relatively short flowering period of 7-9 weeks. Disappointingly, the indoor yield is quite low at 7 ounces per square meter. However, growers should consider harvests in terms of quality rather than quantity.

Outdoors, Blue Knight thrives in a warm, sunny, and slightly humid climate. These plants will be ready for harvesting around mid-October and provide a slightly more generous return of 11 ounces per plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

As mentioned, the Blue Knight strain boasts very high THC levels. Lab results show that Blue Knight samples can contain up to 27% THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Blue Knight contains significantly more CBD than many other strains. While most strains contain 1% cannabidiol or less, Blue Knight’s CBD content can be as high as 4%.

Medical Benefits of the Blue Knight Strain

One of the main health benefits attributed to the Blue Knight strain is its purported ability to alleviate insomnia. However, many users say that it can help to address other medical issues, too.

Given the relaxing nature of Blue Knight’s effects, it may be a useful stress reliever. Its uplifting, mood-enhancing high may also provide temporary relief to users with depression or anxiety.

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