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Purple Passion is great for highlighting its creative side. Mild to a mica, this strain produces an intermediate body-heavy sensation. While the Purple Passion is mostly Indica, its Sativa genetics create a well-balanced tension that is inspiring and introspective while providing signs of physical calming sensation.
Relax slowly instead of getting heavy, this stress is great for those seeking a little relief from stress and anxiety. Purple passion has a harsh taste, but is pleasant and smells like fruit candy. This strain usually matures in about 9 weeks and produces large, dense buds. Buy Now!



Buy Passion Online, this is an Indica cannabis strain with a mystery pedigree. This Kush descendant experiences a pungent, candy aroma. Passion gives a lift to cerebral activity, making it a great choice for creative or introspective activities. This is a good option to relax only at the end of the day. Consumers use Passion for pain, nausea, insomnia, stress.

Cannabis drink,

Plant-based superfoods put us in delightful and delightful superfoods? Yes, please!

Inspire yourself now with the splendid taste of green tea, sweet passion, and pungent lime

What’s inside:

10 mg THC / 2.5 mg CBD
33 calories per bottle
Enthusiasm, enthusiasm, and desire
Cannabis drinks.

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