Chemdawg #4


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Chemdawg #4

Chemdawg #4, born from the union of the 1991 Chemdawg and San Fernando Valley OG Kush (SFV OG Kush), stands as a testament to the explosive effects cannabis can offer. Leaning slightly towards the indica side, this strain is not for the faint-hearted, boasting an intensity that sets it apart. With average THC levels that reach up to 23%, Chemdawg #4 is renowned for its smooth inhale, leading to a creeping high that encompasses both the body and mind.

**Origin Story:**

Legend has it that we owe the creation of Chemdawg #4 to the generosity of Colorado growers P Bud & Joe Brand, who shared the coveted ‘Dog bud’ recipe. This strain carries a pungent aroma, a distinctive blend of chemicals and lemon with an underlying pine note that announces its presence with authority.

**Flavorful Encounter:**

As you indulge in Chemdawg #4, prepare for a flavorful journey. The spicy pine taste punches your tongue with each inhale and exhale, leaving a lasting impression. While not excessively sedative, its relaxing capabilities take center stage, making it an ideal choice for moments of unwinding.

**Hybrid Harmony:**

With a genetic makeup split 60/40 indica, Chemdawg #4 differentiates itself from its sativa-dominant Chemdawg relatives. Boasting dense, light green buds adorned with dark red hairs, this hybrid has given rise to popular strains like Stardawg, Auto Oil, and OG Kush. The combination of sativa and indica characteristics makes Chemdawg #4 a standout in the cannabis world.

**Positive Effects:**

Not only is Chemdawg #4 potent, but it also doesn’t build tolerance quickly. Offering a long-lasting high of euphoria and happiness, it sparks creativity and provides a cerebral boost. While the initial focus may be intense, the eventual desire to relax sets in, making it a versatile strain for various activities. Medical benefits range from relief of nausea to addressing glaucoma, making it a go-to choice for patients seeking holistic healing.

**Negative Effects:**

As with any potent strain, Chemdawg #4 may induce dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, headaches, and occasional paranoia. It’s essential to consume responsibly and be mindful of individual tolerance levels.

**Lineage and Growing Information:**

Rooted in the SFV OG Kush and the mysterious Chemdawg 91, Chemdawg #4 carries the legacy of its parent strains. Growing this strain requires some experience, with an indoor flowering time of 70-77 days yielding 16-20oz per square meter. Outdoors, harvest by mid-late October for a generous yield of 25-30oz per plant. Resistant to pests and most diseases, it’s crucial to guard against mildew.

Chemdawg #4 is a powerhouse strain that offers a well-rounded experience, blending intensity with flavor and medicinal benefits. As you explore its explosive effects, remember to savor the journey and consume responsibly.

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