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Cookies Carts are decent. I expected it to be tons better than average simply because there are many out there who have said Cookies flower is amazing quality. However, the High Flyers Cookies carts we tried clothed to be a mean range THC vape cart and one among the strains we tried was better than the opposite two. it’s priced less than others and maybe a good value for somebody that doesn’t need a super strength THC cartridge.

Unless the Cookies cartridge is formed by High Flyers, it’s not real. If you’re researching Cookies carts or have one and unsure on its authenticity, see our guide the way to spot a fake Cookies cartridge.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cookies – High Flyers Premium Vape Carts

Quality CCELL hardware
Low cost


Stronger options available
Taste not so great
Cookies cartridges use top-notch hardware
Cookies uses standard CCELL cartridges particularly the ceramic top TH2. These are known to be extremely reliable and have a really low failure rate.

On top of that, they provide an additional kick to the hit that tons of the clones are just missing.
Overall you’ll never fail with CCELL hardware, whether its a typical cart, the Dart, or the Uno. and quite simply it’s only one of the simplest companies out immediately.

More Information about cookies carts

Cookies definitely chose the proper hardware once they picked the TH2. It’s preferred over the M6T plastic CCELL carts since just in case something fails, it’s easy to urge the oil out. Plus you’ll refill the TH2 much easier.

High Flyers Cookies cartridges have decent strength just not super strength
I would say on strength, Cookies is about within the middle compared to other legal, legitimate carts. it’s definitely better than your average street cart.

Side by side compared to Airo Pro, Select Elite, and Aces Extracts which seem to be available at equivalent dispensaries that also carry Cookies there really is not any comparison. The opposite two brands just blow Cookies away. They’re all also a touch costlier, but the value is justified.

Flavors(empty cart without oil, the flavors are just the packaging flavors stickers)




London Pound

Billy Kimber

Gelato 41


Cereal Milk





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