Cookies High Flyers Carts



Cookies High Flyers Carts

The High Flyers Cookies Vape Exclusive from the Cookies Farm Genetics. Vape your favorite genetics whenever, wherever. Get a big, smooth draw of our iconic cookies high flyers carts. The strain, the quality, the consistency, the freshness, the flavor, the scent, the benefits.…it all starts with the flower! Cookies is designed with the singular visit to produce world class high flyer carts and cannabis products.

High Flyers Cookies Vape Available:


Cookies Sunset Sherbert


London Pound Cake


500mg Premium Vape Cartridge

Cookies High flyer Premium Cartridge Feature:

Capacity: 1.0ml

Coil: Ceramic coil

Oil holes: 4*2.0mm

Resistance: 1.2-1.4 ohm

Drip Tip: White Ceramic Tip

Material: Ceramic & Glass & Metal

Package: Foam Pack without oil, top and bottom pack separately, easy to fill in

Packaging box Feature:

With flavors stickers and flavors delivery randomly!

Package: Unfolded, to protect the boxes during delivery.

Flavor stickers: Unsticked, Self-sticking!!!!!

One set of high flyers carts included:

Cookies white tip carts (Foam Pack)

EV Foam (Pack separately)

Paper Box (Unfolded)

Random Flavor sticker (Pack separately, Self-sticking!!!!!

We would highly advise all customers to sample at least 10 of your preferred device before bulk purchase to ensure the product works well with your liquid, as each and every liquid is different.

Keep devices stored in a warm dry place (cold temperatures can cause the batteries to become faulty or loose power)
Keep all devices upright once filled
Ensure lids/caps are secured tightly using gentle pressure to avoid breaking lids/caps
Do not overheat your liquid prior to filling (liquid that is too runny may leak)
Advise your customers that devices must be fully charged before use, some devices may come with only a small amount or no charge
Caps/lids must be applied immediately after filling


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