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Exotic Carts are a THC oil cartridge that are sell in a range of flavors with a claimTHC potency of 80%-85% that has been “test” but these tests aren’t certify. These test results turn out to be fake which is reveal after someone tried to verify from the lab.

They have take over Instagram, snapchats, and some dark web places but not many actual legal dispensaries.

There is a giant selection of Exotic carts flavors the overall issue with these Carts is that there is a limit amount of information on the company.

Thus making the information on the back of the packaging unreliable on what the cart truly contains. There is no exotic carts official website but only seems to be advertise on social media or forums.

Exotic Carts Review: Built of the Cart

There is nothing unique about the built of the cart, it’s a typical design that is like Supreme and Mario Carts. This average exotic cart creates an issue when your oil is low because the bottom section of the cart is thick.

Hence,  the thickness of it makes it hard for you to use all the oil.

Another problem that seems to occur with low oil in these cartridges is the increase in harshness of each hit which is not from the strength of the THC.

However, the color of the carts is what catches people’s eyes because its bright gold/light yellow. If you like carts that are stylish in color this is a cart to consider but besides the color. there is nothing to good about it.

Quality of THC Oil

While the packaging claims a high potency of THC oil 80-85%, there is several tests that has find that the THC oil is lower than state.

Hence and there is no actual sticker on the packaging that certifies that the seller is telling the truth.

From actual lab test results the oil seems to be around 50-65% max.

Additionally, from what we have try– forbidden fruit, wedding cake and pineapple express– the oil is not thick and is very runny.

Thus proving that the THC oil is not as potent as claim. It does hit hard but not as much as it claims to.

Another problem that comes from the lab test results is a certain amount of pesticides used in these carts which could cause health problems.

Depending on the type of vaporizer you have, the cartridges will soon give you a burnt taste. Hence it’s recommend to buy a cheap battery with low heat to taste the actual flavors.

If you can change the heat of your vaporizer, we recommend that you experiment with the temperature to get the most flavor and not burn out the flavor or change the taste of the flavor.

Unfortunately, to receive a more potent high from the THC you will want to make sure to have the heat on high. This which will eventually give you a harsh flavor and some have even caused a burning sensation on people’s throats.

The flavors are creat with artificial flavors and terpene, and the flavors range from sweet, sour, and mild flavors. There are many flavors from exotic carts and new ones popping up every day and not from the original producer either.


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