Pink Berry


Pink Berry by Apothecary Genetics is a delicious indica-dominant strain with relaxation on tap. This strain is the heavy-hitting combination of Pink Champagne and Blackberry, offering sweet, fruity overtones while keeping a root firmly planted in OG genetics. Pink Berry fills the mind with uplifting, euphoric energy while simultaneously weighing the limbs down with deep relaxation, making it ideal for consumers seeking relief from restlessness, chronic physical pain, and cranky moods.

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                               Pink Berry Strain

Pink Berry Strain is a rare indica hybrid with firm OG genetics. Featuring a scrumptious blend of berry and floral aromas, Pink Berry is a delight to the senses. Arousing, mellow, and upbeat, this strain is a laidback way to add a little sweet romance to your day or simply to kick back and unwind.

                    Pink Berry Strain Experience

Pink Berry is a calm and relaxed flower. Unlike other strains classified as indica, this strain is not overwhelmingly sedative. Rather, it produces a nice easy vibe that is perfect for kicking back and enjoying the day. It’s a little drowsy, which is why it is recommended as an afternoon strain.

A descendant of OG lineage, Pink Berry is tasty and laidback. While not the most potent strain in the world, this flower provides a high that’s likely to be enjoyable for just about everyone. This strain features up to 16 percent THC on average, and some buds may even produce as high as 5 or 6 percent CBD.

The combination is a relaxed and subdued high, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Great for those who experience a little social anxiety, this strain is tranquilizing and happy. In moderation, Pink Berry provides a euphoric mental boost that combats stress and cultivates a positive sense of well-being. This strain also has a reputation for encouraging arousal, making it a good choice for a date or a romantic evening at home. Conversations – and well, you know – can flow easily after a little of this mellow and romantic bud.

                    Traits of Pink Berry and Pink Berry Seeds

Pink Berry is an indica cross of Pink Champagne and Blackberry by Apothecary Genetics. This strain was a limited edition creation and features beautiful buds with dusky, rose pink coloration. Unfortunately, as a limited edition strain, Pink Berry is a rare find. When available, this strain can fetch some top-shelf prices.

Cannabis connoisseurs are in luck. Pink Berry features a particularly delicious flavor and aroma, with a ripe blackberry fragrance and creamy, herbal quality that makes this strain an excellent post-dinner treat. This is a strain that is enjoyed slowly, like a bourbon or a specialty liquor.

This strain isn’t the strongest on the shelf, but it still produces a sedative and comfortable body high. The THC level of this strain averages around 16 percent, making this a moderately potent bud. Both new and experienced consumers will enjoy the craftsmanship behind this bud.


Medical Benefits of Pink Berry

Due to the fact that this strain doesn’t pack the strongest punch, medical marijuana patients who are sensitive to THC or nervous about more intense cannabis experiences can comfortably seek out this herbal remedy.

  • Medical cannabis consumers often use this strain for the management of chronic pain and inflammation
  • It’s helpful for relief from depression, anxiety, and chronic stress
  • In high doses, however, this strain may cause some consumers to feel a little anxiety

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