Pure Pulls Rechargeable Vape Pen



Pure Pulls Rechargeable Vape Pen is available in full (1g) and half (0.5g) gram cartridges.

This vaporizer uses a 510 threaded battery and cartridge. Units are generally compatible with any other 510 vaporizers hardware.

Contains CO2 Cannabis Oil

Available Strains:

Granddaddy Purple (69.9% THC)

Strawberry Banana Kush (65.6% THC)

Trainwreck (63.25 THC/0.04% CBD)Sunset Sherbet (65.6% THC)

Durban Poison (64.7% THC/0.08% CBD)

Super Lemon (64.7% THC/.08% CBD)

Girl Scout Cookies (63.2%THC/0.04%CBD)

Tangie (68%THC/1.1%CBD)

Blue Dream (63.2%THC/0.04%CBD)

How to Recharge Pure Pulls Rechargeable Vape Pen

1. Unfasten the oil charger (mouthpiece) from the cooking mechanism (the other half)
2.) Screw the cooking mechanism in the USB mount adapter(given) and into a charger(not given)

Strawberry Banana Kush

Maintaining a burst of amazingly fruity flavourings and fragrance, Strawberry Banana Kush is a hybrid strain made through a hybrid of Bubble gum strain and Banana Kush strain. Its name describes the delightful goodies collected in this single strain. Strawberry Banana Kush is shown to be predominantly

Indica, with only about 30% sum of Sativa. It maintains a perfect blend of natural fruity flavours from strawberries and a bit of bubble gum fragrance at the end, making it a fashionable choice for when strategic smoking is favoured.


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