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Vvs Pens For Sale Nothing beats being able to smoke almost anywhere and travel with technological elegance. Discreet. Smooth. Potent. Ultra Premium, Styled in different metallics platinum and variation of gold with the strain you want and need. There is an overwhelming demand for #VVSPENS. The Vaporizer game deserved a much needed premium/luxury device. VVS pens will soon be all over the state

When you’re dealing with VVS quality you can tell the difference. This cart carefully crafted by Ben Baller has a top notch distillate mixed with premium terps to give you the smoothest puff on the market.

We have a great quality of the product and you will enjoy buying VVS Pens from us.

VVS Pens For Sale Online, We offer the best at all times. Feel free to browse through and check out with us.

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Looking for a disposable vvs vape pen for sale with some cannabis oil that has solid strength? Don’t let the negative VVS pen reviews on Weedmaps stir you away from them. This disposable vape pen itself hits great (better than other throwaway vape pens that I’ve tried such as the Bumblebee vape pen).

One vape hit from this VVS disposable pen is about three times stronger than a hit from a joint. Top shelf cannabis can reach up to 30% THC. The THC percentage from VVS disposable pens are around 75%.

The 11 different strain options consist of up to 75% THC for each. The VVS vape pens are considered medium to high strength. No matter high much of a heavy tolerance you have this is one of those vape pens that will get you high with one full draw. Take another full draw from a VVS pen and you will feel like you have taken a dab.

The VVS pen lasts long and is worth the 45 dollar cost for a gram of it. I enjoyed every single VVS disposable pen with my favorite being the Girl Scout Cookies. While I enjoyed this particular strain, there are others who do not like the taste of these VVS disposable pens.


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