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White Widow Strain cannabis is one of the world’s most famous and popular strains and descends from South American sativa and South Indian indica plants. The original White Widow was created by the cannabis connoisseur Shantibaba when he worked with us in the 1990s, and this Dutch strain won the Cannabis Cup in 1995, just after it was released. Seeds from this cultivar are still being produced and provided by Shantibaba through Mr. Nice seeds under the name “Black Widow.”

White Widow produces an extraordinary amount of resin; the plant becomes covered in white trichomes through flowering, which is how White Widow got its name. White Widow could be seen as one of the forerunners for today’s high-THC strains.

White Widow’s genetics have helped create many subsequent legendary strains like White Russian, White Rhino, and Blue Widow, but White Widow still reigns supreme in some cultivators’ eyes.

White Widow has an earthy aroma with an ammonia-like scent and hints of pine but, according to some, lacks the flavorful profile found in many of today’s strains. Those who are accustomed to popular fruity and tasty cross-breeds may be relatively disappointed in the taste of White Widow. Those who enjoy the taste of more earthy, herbal cannabis may enjoy this cultivar.

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